About Me

I've always enjoyed messing in the kitchen.  But my passion for cooking and baking have really surfaced in the past two years.  Food blogs have taught me a great deal, and Michael Pollan has inspired me with his In Defense of Food and Food Rules

My food philosophy has evolved to the point where I try to make most things from scratch.  I've eliminated almost all processed foods from my family's everyday diet (except sometimes I just have to have a package of Oreos).  I try to cook with real foods.  I use whole wheat judiciously, and shun shortening.  I love bread and I'm learning to love my veggies, even salad, thanks to some food blog and pinterest inspiration.

I was introduced to a little spice store on the north side called Penzey's Spice.  I've been slowly growing my stash of good quality spices, discovering how to use garam masala and saffron.

I'm married to a great guy, and we have two little girls.  Boo is five years old, and Kitty is two.  Boo is my sidekick photographer, and Kitty is my spice lover.  She will sit on the counter while I cook and methodically open each spice jar, take a whiff, and make a comment: "MMM!  Wummah!" (translation: yummy).

I'm also a speech language pathologist on the side.  I've been in love with my profession since my first college course and work for a great clinic and have fabulous co-workers. 

And I also love a good book.  I would read a book a day if I could get away with it.  I may have to add a good reads page to the blog because I can't stop talking about the books I've been reading. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you find something to try and learn something new!
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